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Ukraine and Turkey are the least sympathetic among the citizens of the Czech Republic

Ukraine and Turkey are the least sympathetic among the citizens of the Czech Republic.

This writes the NC with reference to the results of a survey agency STEM.
Turkey has the lowest popularity among Czechs support of 15% of respondents. Next are Ukraine (24%) and China (25%).

86% of respondents are well-Slovakia.

Next is Austria - it positively evaluated 72% of Czechs. Behind it - the countries of Western and Northern Europe.
The Czech fans will create the party of Putin: sponsors will be sought in Russia
At the same time the Czechs have worsened their attitude towards Germany. Positively evaluate her 49% of respondents, while a year earlier the figure was 15% higher.
As noted, the popularity of Germany in the Czech Republic is the lowest since 2004, when the Czech Republic joined the EU. The researchers attribute this to the skeptical attitude of the Czechs to how Germany deals with the migration crisis.
The Parliament of the Czech Republic wanted "to put Ukraine to Europe" with reservations - media
In general, sociologists have noted the deterioration of the relationship of the Czechs to the countries of Western Europe as a whole.
As reported by the "Observer", in September 2015 the Czech parliament ratified the majority of votes of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine.

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осень в Лысьве

Красивые осенние фото в городе Лысьва сделанные в районе комсомольском.

осенние фото в городе Лысьва

осенние фото в городе Лысьва
 А вот прикол люди на фото винде